Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Official Member PPA (Paperwork Procrastinators Anon.)

My MIL took the kids today..... Hmmmmm what can Becky do for fun?? No ideas..... Instead, I have been going through paperwork and rearranging the computer area. I even am bringing the file cabinet back into my life. I absolutely DESPISE filing cabinets. But I am enjoying the file cabinet more than the plethera (that's for Heath) of paperwork stacked up on my chest in the hallway. And if said filing cabinet doesn't work any better, it can conveniently return to the closet from whence it came!

This stack of paper is about 20 inches tall-- all to be burned. I am embarassed to say there is non-important paperwork in there from 2005. But I am proud to say that my filing is up to date and complete!!