Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Callie!

Today is my oldest daughter's Birthday. Callie Nicole is 9 years old. She is just a joy to my life. I was reflecting my life this morning, and what I was doing nine years ago. I was thinking "I was SLEEPING at this time, and didn't have 6 kids waking me up on Saturday morning at 7:15am!!!
(I only have 4 children, but Callie had two friends over for a sleepover)

Then I was thinking about my first labor experience..... Callie was due the 19th of Feb. Well, that day came and went. I remember my mom calling me that night, asking me if I felt anything. I don't think she was excited at all about becoming a gramma. My mother-in-law kept saying I should wait until the 28th, because that was her birthday. I just laughed and said,"There is no way I'm waiting that long!" But maybe because God has a sense of humor, or maybe because I suffer from lack of patience, Callie Nicole was born on the 28th. For which I am thankful that she didn't wait another day, as 2000 was a leap year!!!! My first little girl was so precious. She had dark copper-red color hair. I should have named her Penny...... but coincidently, Callie means "beautiful hair."

Callie is a very talented girl. She is a great reader, is fast in math, writes beautifully in cursive, likes to write in her journal, play computer and other games. She also likes to dress up, as you can see from the above picture! Callie also loves to cook and bake. Yesterday, we spent the day cooking and baking getting ready for the party. Callie & Ash did a great job making the ice cream cake, and the zucchini bread, and the cookies, and the finger jello, and the sloppy joes.

Callie is such a helper. She decided when we brought Natalie home (she was just 5) that she should be the chief caretaker. She used to pick Natalie up out of her carseat (when I wasn't in the room) and carry her to the sofa, lay Nat on her tummy, and pat her little tooshie until Natalie fell asleep. And she would just hold her.... for like a hour! So when we brought Micah home almost a year ago, I was excited about her helping out, and she does love her little brother!

Callie Nicole, I love you. You are such a blessing. You make me laugh everyday... especially when we go outside and it is sunny and you sneeze! I'm glad you love our family, and I'm especially glad you love Jesus!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Twinkle!

My baby girl, Natalie, is 4 years old today! She brings a lot of sunshine and laughter to our home. Natalie cannot pronounce "R." Sometimes I don't know if she's planning a party or needs to use the bathroom! She says funny things like.. "The pwesident is NOT a weal person," "Mom, I know about Jesus in the desert...." what happened? "He got hot." When going to bed, "Mom, I think I am going to gwow tonight because I ate bechtables for dinna."

When she was 1.5, she played this game with her gramma.... Natalie was insistent she was 2. Gramma would say "How's my 1 year-old?" "I two." "No, Natalie, you're one!" "No, I two!!!" Finally, gramma would give up because natalie would not give in!

Natalie should have been born on the 24th.... I was induced and that proceeded to be the longest, most painful day of my life! I was having back-labor contractions only all day, so I was finally taken off pitosin at 9:00pm. At 7:00am next day I started pitosin again, with much better labor. My doctor was at her clinic working, and about 11:00 I told the nurse, "Call my doctor" Again at 11:30, and frantically at 11:45... Finally they listened! Dr. Ann arrived at 12:05 and Shannon (med student) shortly after. Well, Natalie was born (like in my Doctor's hands) at 12:15!!!! We were surprised and blessed to have another healthy baby girl. And tiny! Six pounds 12 ounces! She still only weighs 27 pounds! But she makes up for it in screaming abilities.
I love you Natalie. You are just a sweetheart. I love when you come and give me a hug, and say,"Mama, you're so pretty!" or say "Mama, you're the bestest cook, I love the food you make." And I especially love when you come in our bed in the middle of the night just cuz you "wanted to snuggle with you Mama." You are truly a blessing and a gift from God.

Monday, February 16, 2009

not me! monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

While taking my casserole out of the oven, my daughter did not say, "EWWWW, Mom that smells like puke!" And then 5 minutes later say, "Mom, this is so good. You're the bestest cook!"

My husband did not jump up and down and do a giddy dance and scream like a girl when receving the original "Sgt Bilko" season 1 from my sisters.

At JCPenney's getting Chris' watch sized, I did not get woozy when the clerk jammed the screwdriver into her hand and was walking around with it still in her hand...... ouch.....

Today, little boy was not up for the day at 7:00 and fill his diaper shortly after... also today, I did not have to intervene an argument between the 2 oldest girls and take away computer all day..... all this fun and love did not happen before 8:00 am......

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Today I have a few household tips that I have learned over the years of taking care of my home.

1. Shampoo works great for getting grease & oil stains out of clothing. I have tested this only on food stains... salad dressing, cooking oil, etc. not garage type oil & grease. Also gets residue from chapstick out of clothing! I know this cuz once my chapstick went through the dryer and melted on my blouse... Apply shampoo to spot and rub in, let set a few minutes, and put through wash cycle.

2. If you're like me, laundry doesn't always get dried and/or folded once the cycle is complete. I have found opening your washer & dryer doors (even overnight) prevents the clothes from getting a stale smell. This also allows you ladies more care-free blogging time if you don't have to worry about clothes smelling because you didn't quite finish laundry that day!

3. Everyone seems to love Clorox wipes. I use them for a quick bathroom floor cleanup. It's much quicker than a bucket of water and a rag. I don't even take up my rugs! shhhhhh!

4. Wipe your mirrors and windows with newspaper instead of paper towels. This way, they will not streak, and will actually look clean.

5. Putting water in a microwave safe bowl in your microwave for 4-5 minutes helps loosen the stuck-on nastiness, eliminating a lot of scrubbing... For Jessica, please remember to start the microwave for maximum results. lol!

6. And my secret for a spot-free home 24/7 is........


Monday, February 9, 2009

not me! monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

We did not celebrate Chris' birthday 4 times, and he did not love each party and all the attention and gifts he recieved...

I did not find incredible deals at JCPenney... saving $281.00 while only spending $50.00.

I did not let my daughter eat her leftover ice cream for breakfast on saturday... i definately did not eat mine too! (we were the only ones home along with micah)

My son does not crawl through the kitchen picking up dropped food and eating it... I have not refered to him as "the family dog."

Friday, February 6, 2009

fankful friday

I am a day late with my thankful thursday, but I haven't posted anything but pics lately!

Today I am thankful for my man. You work so hard for our family. Up every morning at 5am to start work (how can a person think that early) and do not get home until 12-14 hours later!

Today you are in the cities for the MN Broadband Taskforce meeting. You were appointed to that committee by the Governor!! You are the small city rep, being that you are a city councilor and just happen to know a thing or two about internet, wireless, and fiber! (You know all this about you, but others don't) I'm so proud of your brains! Yes, I occasionally mostly sometimes am annoyed about the city meetings during the week that break up our family time, the frustrations you bring home because others do not want to see change, but I am thankful that you are willing to "do battle" to make this town better for our family, and make new jobs for other new families to move here so we can make new friends and have a great big BBQ in our back yard! I am also thankful for run-on sentences!

I am thankful that you are such a wonderful father Our children are so excited for you to come home. That is why they jump up and down and scream "DADDY" repeatedly at the top of their lungs when you walk through the door! I love to watch you give them airplane rides to bed, or play "snowstorm" on a Saturday morning, or fall asleep on the couch with them snuggled by you, or when you kiss them goodbye in the morning when it is still dark....

I am thankful that you are such a wonderful husband. (random order of importance)
Thank you for starting my van when it is cold.
Thank you for our beautiful home.
Thank you for my furniture.
Thank you for learning to not put your wet towel on my side of the bed anymore (yes i did notice)
Thank you for our children.
Thank you for asking me on our 1st date.
Thank you for putting up the Christmas Tree in the stand, even though you get annoyed with it, beacuse it took 15 minutes to get it straight, and threatened that it was the last year we'd have a real tree, thank you for not really meaning that....
Thank you for the kisses on my eyes at 5am when you think that I am still sleeping.
Thank you for loving me! xoxo

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Since this is cold & flu season, I thought I'd pass on a few tips:

1. Have a supply of chicken noodle soup in your pantry... warms you up when you have a cold, and is gentle on your stomach when recovering from the flu.
2. Hot peppermint or spearmint tea helps an upset stomach.
3. Any carbonated beverage helps with the flu or runs, but Sprite seems to be the most neutral flavor.
4. A mug of hot milk with a tablespoon of honey stirred in will sooth a sore throat, and also make coughing more effective... this one's from my Gramma, so it's true. It tastes really good too!

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things

I am appeasing Erin.... She's bashing me for not being on Facebook.... she should realize that she needs to set me up herself if she wants me on there... she signed me up for this blog.... I have issues about the "microscopic writing" (explanation in my 1st post)

Rebecca Mae Swanson

1. My favorite color is pink
2. I love Beth Moore Bible STudies
3. I love to use power tools as much as i love to use makeup.
4. I have been a Mary Kay consultant for 6 years
5. I recovered from Spinal Menengitis when I was 3 weeks old
6. I am a natural blonde
7. My daughter and I have the same birth mark on our left foot
8. I have been married 10 yrs. 6mo. and 22days
9. I love to camp
10. My favorite ice cream is Cookies-n-Cream
11. I have yet to be a victim to Heather's manicotti
12. i love old movies--funny ones, McHales Navy, White Christmas, Singing in the Rain, Musicals
13. I have 2 sisters--3 years on either side of me
14. when i was 5, i made Erin pull me in the sled (she was 2) refer to #22 on Erin's list
15. I once used a string of christmas lights as an extension cord for my vacuum
(Refer to #6)
16. I know how to replace a fuse in a string of Christmas lights
17. I took piano lessons for many years, but sadly, do not own a piano
18. I love to cook the works for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners
19. I once picked up a tarantula in Costa Rica.
20. i hate filing bills and paperwork
21. I like keeping my house clean, except for the paperwork
22. I am named after my great aunt, Margie Mae
23. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was 4 years old.
24. I absolutely love to shop
25. My favorite beverage is chai latte

not me! monday

I did not have to call Erin this morning and ask her how to get the above picture on this post!

My husband is not turning 32 today! I love you honey!

I did not let my husband use my Venus shaver. He did not say,"That's the most comfortable shave I have ever had!"

At lunch my daughter did not cover her applesauce with her sandwich crust, and ask for a donut my gram had just made. I did not ignore the covered up applesauce, and gave her the donut anyway for ingenuity!

While Daddy was "watching" Micah, he did not dump Dorito crumbs on the carpet, and then proceed to eat them.

While trying to avoid living room during the Superbowl, I did not unpack everything from our weekend in GR, and do 2 loads of laundry and put away. I did not purposely make a late dinner, so as to have something to occupy my time instead of being in the living room. I was not extremely happy to just get done with dinner at 7:30! i do not hate football!