Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Today I have a few household tips that I have learned over the years of taking care of my home.

1. Shampoo works great for getting grease & oil stains out of clothing. I have tested this only on food stains... salad dressing, cooking oil, etc. not garage type oil & grease. Also gets residue from chapstick out of clothing! I know this cuz once my chapstick went through the dryer and melted on my blouse... Apply shampoo to spot and rub in, let set a few minutes, and put through wash cycle.

2. If you're like me, laundry doesn't always get dried and/or folded once the cycle is complete. I have found opening your washer & dryer doors (even overnight) prevents the clothes from getting a stale smell. This also allows you ladies more care-free blogging time if you don't have to worry about clothes smelling because you didn't quite finish laundry that day!

3. Everyone seems to love Clorox wipes. I use them for a quick bathroom floor cleanup. It's much quicker than a bucket of water and a rag. I don't even take up my rugs! shhhhhh!

4. Wipe your mirrors and windows with newspaper instead of paper towels. This way, they will not streak, and will actually look clean.

5. Putting water in a microwave safe bowl in your microwave for 4-5 minutes helps loosen the stuck-on nastiness, eliminating a lot of scrubbing... For Jessica, please remember to start the microwave for maximum results. lol!

6. And my secret for a spot-free home 24/7 is........



Jessica said...

I love the personal touch on your microwave tip! haha I will remember that! I like the tip for shampooing greasy spots! i have always wondered how to remove those. Do you think it will remove old grease spots??

Becky said...

sometimes i dont realize the stain until i've washed it a few times... and it will come out after i treat it.

ben and erin said...

hairspray also works to get something out of clothes. maybe ink. i don't remember but it works!

i use clorox wipes for the floor too. they need to make them bigger though. especially when i'm cleaning my kitchen floor! :-)

oh, and thanks for telling me what the word verification was. i wish everybody did that! some of the words are just to funny! by the way, yours is ultsos.

debbie-aka melody said...

Hi Becky, it's me! Here's my 2 cents re: your #3 I keep a bottle of clorox and a roll of paper towels (the kind that tear or in 1/3 size sheets)in each bathroom. It's cheaper than the clorox wipes and very convient. I also keep a can of comet in each bathroom, so when i see something that needs cleaning I don't have to go hunt it down under the kitchen sink. See ya!

debbie-aka melody said...

Oops, should have prood read first...the clorox is the spray bottle kind =D