Friday, February 6, 2009

fankful friday

I am a day late with my thankful thursday, but I haven't posted anything but pics lately!

Today I am thankful for my man. You work so hard for our family. Up every morning at 5am to start work (how can a person think that early) and do not get home until 12-14 hours later!

Today you are in the cities for the MN Broadband Taskforce meeting. You were appointed to that committee by the Governor!! You are the small city rep, being that you are a city councilor and just happen to know a thing or two about internet, wireless, and fiber! (You know all this about you, but others don't) I'm so proud of your brains! Yes, I occasionally mostly sometimes am annoyed about the city meetings during the week that break up our family time, the frustrations you bring home because others do not want to see change, but I am thankful that you are willing to "do battle" to make this town better for our family, and make new jobs for other new families to move here so we can make new friends and have a great big BBQ in our back yard! I am also thankful for run-on sentences!

I am thankful that you are such a wonderful father Our children are so excited for you to come home. That is why they jump up and down and scream "DADDY" repeatedly at the top of their lungs when you walk through the door! I love to watch you give them airplane rides to bed, or play "snowstorm" on a Saturday morning, or fall asleep on the couch with them snuggled by you, or when you kiss them goodbye in the morning when it is still dark....

I am thankful that you are such a wonderful husband. (random order of importance)
Thank you for starting my van when it is cold.
Thank you for our beautiful home.
Thank you for my furniture.
Thank you for learning to not put your wet towel on my side of the bed anymore (yes i did notice)
Thank you for our children.
Thank you for asking me on our 1st date.
Thank you for putting up the Christmas Tree in the stand, even though you get annoyed with it, beacuse it took 15 minutes to get it straight, and threatened that it was the last year we'd have a real tree, thank you for not really meaning that....
Thank you for the kisses on my eyes at 5am when you think that I am still sleeping.
Thank you for loving me! xoxo


ben and erin said...


just kidding! that was very sweet! and i love your title. hey chris i'm thankful for you too because with out you for a brother-in-law, i probably would never see the day that my dad got high-speed internet. :-)

Jessica said...

Figures that the little sis would write "gag" haha that made me LOL!

This is super cute, Becky! Warm fuzzies.... and yes, I like the title, too! =)

Lately, reading your blog makes me realize how much I miss you!