Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Twinkle!

My baby girl, Natalie, is 4 years old today! She brings a lot of sunshine and laughter to our home. Natalie cannot pronounce "R." Sometimes I don't know if she's planning a party or needs to use the bathroom! She says funny things like.. "The pwesident is NOT a weal person," "Mom, I know about Jesus in the desert...." what happened? "He got hot." When going to bed, "Mom, I think I am going to gwow tonight because I ate bechtables for dinna."

When she was 1.5, she played this game with her gramma.... Natalie was insistent she was 2. Gramma would say "How's my 1 year-old?" "I two." "No, Natalie, you're one!" "No, I two!!!" Finally, gramma would give up because natalie would not give in!

Natalie should have been born on the 24th.... I was induced and that proceeded to be the longest, most painful day of my life! I was having back-labor contractions only all day, so I was finally taken off pitosin at 9:00pm. At 7:00am next day I started pitosin again, with much better labor. My doctor was at her clinic working, and about 11:00 I told the nurse, "Call my doctor" Again at 11:30, and frantically at 11:45... Finally they listened! Dr. Ann arrived at 12:05 and Shannon (med student) shortly after. Well, Natalie was born (like in my Doctor's hands) at 12:15!!!! We were surprised and blessed to have another healthy baby girl. And tiny! Six pounds 12 ounces! She still only weighs 27 pounds! But she makes up for it in screaming abilities.
I love you Natalie. You are just a sweetheart. I love when you come and give me a hug, and say,"Mama, you're so pretty!" or say "Mama, you're the bestest cook, I love the food you make." And I especially love when you come in our bed in the middle of the night just cuz you "wanted to snuggle with you Mama." You are truly a blessing and a gift from God.


ben and erin said...

awwwww......natapaloooza! i hope you had a wonderful birthday! i love you!

i was cwacking up at the things she says. too cute!

Jessica said...

I can't believe how old any of your kids are! Sheesh, seems just like yesterday we were taking the yellow banana van to Denver...

anyway, Happy Bday Natalie!