Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things

I am appeasing Erin.... She's bashing me for not being on Facebook.... she should realize that she needs to set me up herself if she wants me on there... she signed me up for this blog.... I have issues about the "microscopic writing" (explanation in my 1st post)

Rebecca Mae Swanson

1. My favorite color is pink
2. I love Beth Moore Bible STudies
3. I love to use power tools as much as i love to use makeup.
4. I have been a Mary Kay consultant for 6 years
5. I recovered from Spinal Menengitis when I was 3 weeks old
6. I am a natural blonde
7. My daughter and I have the same birth mark on our left foot
8. I have been married 10 yrs. 6mo. and 22days
9. I love to camp
10. My favorite ice cream is Cookies-n-Cream
11. I have yet to be a victim to Heather's manicotti
12. i love old movies--funny ones, McHales Navy, White Christmas, Singing in the Rain, Musicals
13. I have 2 sisters--3 years on either side of me
14. when i was 5, i made Erin pull me in the sled (she was 2) refer to #22 on Erin's list
15. I once used a string of christmas lights as an extension cord for my vacuum
(Refer to #6)
16. I know how to replace a fuse in a string of Christmas lights
17. I took piano lessons for many years, but sadly, do not own a piano
18. I love to cook the works for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners
19. I once picked up a tarantula in Costa Rica.
20. i hate filing bills and paperwork
21. I like keeping my house clean, except for the paperwork
22. I am named after my great aunt, Margie Mae
23. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was 4 years old.
24. I absolutely love to shop
25. My favorite beverage is chai latte


Heather said...

you forgot to mention that you once broke an elephant's back... great post Becky!!

ben and erin said...

love the list beck! let me know when you want me to sign you up on facebook! :-)

Jessica said...

Great list! i love #15; that is just brilliant!

Oh, and I am not sure where the "follow this blog" is on my blog. Maybe ask someone who follows it =) Or maybe make sure you are signed in to yours first; maybe it won't let you follow one until it knows who you are?

Rachel said...

Hey new blogger bud, hows it goin? I am lovin all the awesome blogs you have already made. I did one, or shall I say Jess typed it while I talked over the phone hehe. Your kids are so flippin adorable!

Becky said...

Erin....whenever you can pull yourself away from your housework

ben and erin said...

haha... that would be ANYTIME!