Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Callie!

Today is my oldest daughter's Birthday. Callie Nicole is 9 years old. She is just a joy to my life. I was reflecting my life this morning, and what I was doing nine years ago. I was thinking "I was SLEEPING at this time, and didn't have 6 kids waking me up on Saturday morning at 7:15am!!!
(I only have 4 children, but Callie had two friends over for a sleepover)

Then I was thinking about my first labor experience..... Callie was due the 19th of Feb. Well, that day came and went. I remember my mom calling me that night, asking me if I felt anything. I don't think she was excited at all about becoming a gramma. My mother-in-law kept saying I should wait until the 28th, because that was her birthday. I just laughed and said,"There is no way I'm waiting that long!" But maybe because God has a sense of humor, or maybe because I suffer from lack of patience, Callie Nicole was born on the 28th. For which I am thankful that she didn't wait another day, as 2000 was a leap year!!!! My first little girl was so precious. She had dark copper-red color hair. I should have named her Penny...... but coincidently, Callie means "beautiful hair."

Callie is a very talented girl. She is a great reader, is fast in math, writes beautifully in cursive, likes to write in her journal, play computer and other games. She also likes to dress up, as you can see from the above picture! Callie also loves to cook and bake. Yesterday, we spent the day cooking and baking getting ready for the party. Callie & Ash did a great job making the ice cream cake, and the zucchini bread, and the cookies, and the finger jello, and the sloppy joes.

Callie is such a helper. She decided when we brought Natalie home (she was just 5) that she should be the chief caretaker. She used to pick Natalie up out of her carseat (when I wasn't in the room) and carry her to the sofa, lay Nat on her tummy, and pat her little tooshie until Natalie fell asleep. And she would just hold her.... for like a hour! So when we brought Micah home almost a year ago, I was excited about her helping out, and she does love her little brother!

Callie Nicole, I love you. You are such a blessing. You make me laugh everyday... especially when we go outside and it is sunny and you sneeze! I'm glad you love our family, and I'm especially glad you love Jesus!


ben and erin said...

happy birthday calmeister! hope you had a wonderful birthday! i can't believe i've been an auntie for nine years!!! i love you, and i especially love your dress up picture!

Jessica said...

I wish I had the opportunity to get to know your kids more!

Happy (late) birthday callie!!