Monday, March 9, 2009

Nicole's Too Much to Think About

This blog article is kinda in response to Nicole a couple days ago. I started leaving her a comment, and it just got too long. But I know how you are feeling--OVERLOADING of the brain! This time of year always gets me easily annoyed, and I'm always with my kids, my husband started a company and bought another, so $$ has been tight! I'm stressed because I cannot do one thing to help bring an income. SAHM with 4 kids.... I think I am finally learning that God will provide. I love to shop, so that has been tough on me, only buying necessities, and thanking God that the laundry soap and diapers were on sale!

Sometimes it is hard to share your situation with people, especially in your own age group. They all have their families, jobs, etc. to worry about. I had a friend (Kim) from church call me last week (she's about my mom's age, and her boys are all in college) and she asked me if I was OK and wanted to "talk." She said I seemed blue at church when she saw me. So Kim came over the next day and we had a really nice time. She seemed genuinely caring and committed to praying for me. And just now, she called and took Ashleigh and Callie down by the lake to take a walk with her dog!

My point is it's good to have someone on unload to. Someone who is not a family member, someone who is older than you and can mentor you with Godly life-experience wisdom. Nicole, you said you were in a Bible Study.... I would encourage you to look for someone there. Someone you feel comfortable with-- look for the gray hair!! Perhaps you know a woman whose children are in college, or whose grandkids live far away.... I have a feeling she would love to spend time with your children to give you a break. You just may be a blessing and an answer to prayer of a woman who is struggling with an UNDERLOADING of the brain. :-)

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