Monday, March 9, 2009

not me! monday

1. First of all, I am not stressing that I can't remember how to get the not me! icon. So I decided just not to use it.

2. I did not turn 30 (yes 30) on Saturday.
3. My husband did not throw me a surprise party on friday night
4. I did not make three (yes 3) 3-D birthday cakes for my children for the family 4-birthday party on saturday (Natalie, Callie, Micah, and I)
5. I am not slightly annoyed by all the blog catch-up I need to do..... Erin wants pics of the cakes, I have to post about my baby boy turning one!!, and I just got done with one!
6. I was not tickled pick when Natalie said I'm 29 and that next year I would be 27!!
7. I was not so excited when my family and friends brought me presents! Real presents! Chris had told them to bring a white elephant type gift if they brought anything, but I got nice stuff!!
8. I was not extremely excited when at my party, I noticed 2 (yes 2!) 5-quart buckets of ice cream (one Cookies-n-Cream!) that my dad had bought, knowing that there would be a lot left over, and that it would be staying at my house! Not to mention the ice cream I had already bought for the family birthday party..... I love Ice Cream if you can't tell.....


ben and erin said...

i'm surprised that you didn't call me to help you! :-)

mmmmmm cookies n cream.... i think there's some in my freezer too. i'll have to have some tonight to celebrate your b'day! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Rebecca!! I stumbled onto your blog.. Yes I read the entire thing.. You are too cute!! Sounds like life is treating you well. I dont do the Blog thing, Facebook takes too much time as it is.. I need to spend less time on the computer!! Take care Angela

melody said...

Hi May, did you get my birthday greetings via your e-mail? It sound like had fun. Enjoy your ice cream!