Monday, October 5, 2009

My week in numbers

Since my sister Erin did this, and then a few days later my sister Heather did this, I didn't want to be left out. Funny how they both blog consistently, and I don't tend to feel left out.... So here goes.

80-- ginger snaps I made last Sunday

29-- ginger snaps I gave away

51--ginger snaps left for my husband

0--ginger snaps currently in my home

2--days I've spent working at my husband's office

61--days since my last post

20--inches of paperwork needed to be filed
(see previous post for understanding of frustration)

31--articles of clothing I need to go iron

7--days my furnace has been running

0--days until flannel sheets go on my bed

2.5--hours spent watching the house across the street get knocked down

762--times Micah has waved to the "big trucks" across the street

28--tulip bulbs planted in the extremely cold wind

0--times I had to get up Friday during the night cuz the kids were at Gramma's

2--scoops of ice cream Chris & I had for breakfast on Saturday

4--children weaned(for clarification, Micah is done now: the girls have been for a long time)

11--minutes my husband spent looking for me during hide & seek
(behind the curtain next to the armoire was brilliant)

11--seconds I spent looking for my husband during hide & seek
(laying on the floor trying to get under the dining room chair was not that brilliant dear!)

597-- verses i've read this week

4628--tears i've cried this week

4629--times God has been there for me

1--husband I love forever


ben and erin said...

aww.... i love it. funny how i was just thinking about you today that you haven't blogged in forever, and here i get this wonderful surprise!

i can just picture chris trying to hide under the chair... that one made me lol!

and thanks for the clarification on weaning the girls. haha!

i need to call you—the house across the street got knocked down?! and you've been sad? :-( sending you some ((hugs)).

♥ ya

Heather said...

yeah, i was crackin' up at the hide and seek game. so funny!

and i agree with erin on the weaning thing! :) clarification is a good thing!

was it the ugly blue house that got knocked down?

sorry i didn't get to talk more tonight. hope you have a great day!

love ya!

Jess(ica) said...

Wait, so you and Chris play hide and seek w/no kids around? Just wanted to clarify... it's way cute if you do hehe...

Nice to see you didn't forget that you had a blog! Hopefully we'll see more posts from you soon! yay!

MOM said...

When things aren't going so great, God is still there. II Kings 20:5 says "Thus says the LORD, I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears..." and this is the one I like the best: Psalm 56:8 says, "Put my tears in Thy bottle, are they not in Thy book?" That tells me that God not only sees our tears, but saves them as a remembrance to the times we cry out to Him. He is forever faithful--"blessed is the man(woman) who puts his (her) trust in Him." Praying for you. Lots of love MOM