Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Compromising with children can be very beneficial. For instance, today I told Ashleigh she needs a hair cut--about 3 inches. She has thick hair, and being 7, not really wanting to care for it.... She started crying "NO, I like my hair long, I promise I'll remember to use conditioner.... etc..." Then she said, "Can I just have a trim?" I asked her "How much of a trim?" And praise the Lord, she said "Oh, to about here." Just exactly how much I was planning to "TRIM" in the first place!


A day in the Life... said...

lol That is cute!

Hey and Welcome to Blogging!

ben and erin said...

nice... samantha has always asked us when she can go to worlds of fun and we told her maybe when she's eight or ten. the other day we drove by there and she asked can i go there when i'm twelve or thirteen?
sure!!! i said. :-)

Jessica said...

Nice to see you online! Now you know you have the responsibility of posting pictures of your adorable kids now right? =)