Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Today's tip is on the subject of food-- money saving and kid favorites!
HAVE A TIP?? Please share your tricks, shortcuts or wisdom with us all!!
1. Love the DQ?? Hate their prices?? My girls and I play "Dairy Queen" at home. They each get to pick their own "blizzard" flavors. After a few scoops of vanilla ice cream, and adding oreos, or strawberries, or reeses pieces, or frozen blackberries and banana (my fav), I add a little milk and use my hand mixer. You don't need any fancy schmancy appliance.
2. Always throwing away leftover mac-n-cheese??? When re-heating, simply add a little milk, and a slice of cheese--I prefer Velveeta cuz it melts so great. This is also a great add-in for cheaper generic mac-n-cheese..... tastes better than Kraft in my opinion!
3. My children love popsicles.... I sometimes make my own. Recently I have been making APPLESAUCE popsicles. It's a healthy snack and easy to eat.... well, till it melts. I also make yogurt popsicles. The kids love to eat these for breakfast in the hot summer. It's much more cost effective than buying the "Go-gurt" that you freeze!
4. Kids sick of sandwiches for lunch? Being that I homeschool, I have 4 for lunch everyday. Pb&j is only great 4 days out of 5...... My girls love to make "snack wraps" like Mickey-D's. Instead of making chicken tenders, chop up lunch meat or chicken, turkey, from last night. Add a little shredded cheese, lettuce, ranch dressing and roll up in a tortilla!


ben and erin said...

all wonderful tips, beck! now... why don't you share your applesauce and yogurt popscicle recipe!!

A day in the Life... said...

Those are Great tips! Thanks!