Friday, May 1, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting.....

It has been three weeks since my last post... Hmmm... Erin told our mom she should start a blog. I was appalled by her response! It was, "Are you kidding? I'd be worse than Becky!" Not that I haven't had anything to blog about, I just have had other priorities, and I think about with "not me" on Tues, and "tuesday tip" on Wed. etc.... So I will give you a part of my life of the last 3 weeks!

First off, pictures as promised of the little gems from my sis's that they bought in KC!

This is not going on my shelf!

Ain't she cute? These gifts were from Heather.
Is it an egg? A bumblebee? A bobblehead? Do you think this poor little lamb suffered an identity crisis growing up?
Terrible pic of me, but check out the tacky gift bag! These 2 gifts were from Erin!

I had a wonderful time in GR, and actually got to go shopping with Erin without any kids! I enjoyed the warm weather--it's always breezy here because of the lake, and the kids enjoyed being outside helping Papa rake, and eating lunch and dinner on the porch.

A few Sundays ago, our small group came over for lunch, and spent the day here. There are 4 other couples, making 10 adults and 11 children. This adorable group was on my bed watching Chip & Dale, while the adults were attempting to watch Fireproof downstairs. We are starting a new Bible Study based on that movie. God has truly blessed us with wonderful friends!

I have also been "Spring Cleaning" I think I started April 7th according to Callie's documentation on my "To Do" List. I try to keep my house clean, but once you wash windows, and dust everything, not to mention washing the blades of my ceiling fan... there was actually sheetrock dust on the fan in my bedroom--only 18+ months since construction! No wonder my room is always dusty! It's amazing how much junk gets collected after awile, and always a good feeling to purge some of that! The flannel sheets officially came off my bed last week, now if my furnace would just stop running when set at 65! Since "spring cleaning" in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen is done, I'm really wanting to skimp on the rest.... but I see a few dead flies stuck in my lights in the hallway that's kinda eeewwww.....

Mr. Micah Magoo loves the tub! He has been sick since Sat. night. This was one of his many baths, due to soiling his clothes, socks, back, tummy, hair, etc... Erin and Heather were blessed with some pictures I sent! He would only drink breast milk, but I could tell he was hungry for food! He was feeling better last night, so I gave him a vanilla wafer and he stuck the whole thing in his mouth and screamed when I tried to take some of it out, and he actually ate some ice cream--more like--almost bit my hand off getting it into his mouth!

I know you all saw his haircut on Auntie Erin's blog, but I just LOVE him!! You'd never guess he was sick by this picture!

And he drew Mama a picture last night! Ever since Gramma let best buddy Ryan draw at her house, Micah has become more aware of what you can do with paper and pen!

And have I ever mentioned Micah loves our bed? A king bed is not big enough-- before I took this picture, I was sleeping on the right, next to Micah, and before Chris got up, he was next to me on the right side too!

Wednesday was Callie and Ashleigh's last AWANA night. they participated in the Gran Prix derby, and had fun making their cars with Dad. Although no trophies, their cars were fast and stylin'. They are excited about next year, and have new ideas, designs, and competitive strategies already developing---ok maybe Chris does!

I am so proud of Callie and Ashleigh. Callie came so close to finishing her book-- if there hadn't been a snow day, and a few special Awana events that didn't include verse time, she woulda made it! Ashleigh finished her book (only 1 other boy finished his book) and she got this certificate for passing the most sections!!! That's my girl!

I cannot end this post without a tidbit of my Twinkle! Natalie also has been under the weather for about a week and a half! Slight fever, tired, low energy and not much appetite. Her being 4 and only a mere 27 pounds, she needs to eat! Poor baby. But she still does have her sense of humor, loud piercing voice, and personality in tact!
I found this pic on my camera--one of the girls must have taken it!
This was this morning-- she did not want me to take a picture for my blog. She kept saying, "mom I'm trying to read here." This was the best of about 10.

She was saying, "No more pictures, I just don't want any more pictures!" Right now she is coloring with a permanent marker. Should I be worried that she said, "I think permanent markers smell good, kinda like perfume, and conditioner, and air fresheners!"


edwinbashaw said...

Heather and I would love a copy of that pic from small group. Do I dare ask where you store all the tacky gifts you got? And WHY do you still have them? Hey I just thought of something, CHIC garage sale!!!! See you guys Saturday night!

A day in the Life... said...

Thanks for the updated post :) Your kiddos are getting so big! I hope they are all feeling better now!

Becky said...

I keep all my gems on the shelf on the 2nd floor by the stairway. I explained in my previous post why I keep them, and RUMMAGE SALE?? They are priceless!! Good idea though to go hunt for some new stuff!

ben and erin said...

oh my goodness micah looks so big now with his haircut! love it love it!

good job, girls, with the cars and with finishing your book ash! callie you did a terrific job too!

nat nat, you're such a goof! i hope you're feeling better! lol...perfume, conditioner, and air freshener. too funny!

ben and erin said...

oh, what about the foot i got you?

Jess(ica) said...

That is a lot packed into one blog post! I was wondering where you had been though! hehe. Kids are all adorable! And those gifts... I am speechless... =)

Heather said...

another reason i'm glad God decided to give us all girls in the could we ever do tacky gifts with a brother. he just wouldn't get it, i'm sure. and you better not sell the tacky gifts, beck! something to tell the grandkids someday...."crazy great aunt erin and great aunt heather got these for me 50 years ago...." :)