Friday, April 10, 2009

Tacky Gifts Just Stick with Me!

I was thinking about doing this before Jessica's Favorite Things post. So I want you to know I'm not copying, I just need a little help in the "Anti-procrastination of Blogging" department.... Hey, Erin is my sister.

Over the years, I have been blessed with a few gems from my sisters. Over the years I have blessed them and my mother with some gems... I wanted to share my treasures with you. It's kind of a game we play (started with me & Erin, but Heather has joined in a while ago).... who can find the tackiest gift at the lowest price. Yes, they may look like junk, but to me, they always bring a smile and good memories.

I think I still hold the chamionship with a plate I bought for my mother about 6 years ago. I will get a picture of it. Most of our treasures are purchased at dollar stores, but also rummage sales, Kohl's, Walmart and JC Penney. Heather is visiting Erin in KC this week, and Erin is coming back to MN. So I am kinda excited to see what they bring back for me--they usually find some great things in all the shopping availability down there.
I think I have kept everything, except I have disposed of the peach pants (you'll understand why), and 2 pairs of shoes--one was a mustard yellow slip on, and the other a two-tone pointed sling-back flat. They reminded me of something our dear teacher in high school would have worn! All right, here's my collection:
This is from Erin, and I actually like it... this is one of the early gifts.
These are from Heather, they're kinda cute, but my wardrobe is lacking tourquiose!
From Erin, kinda cute.

My current garden shoes, also from Erin.

The next picture should explain its use (from Erin)

It's a footie for sling-back shoes with invisible strap! I shoulda kept the 2-tone flats!

These have been donated as white elephant gift! I recieved these from Erin at Christmas.

This reminded Erin of me because I do fabulous fish lips! I think this little gem deserves a side view!

How efficient! It's a bank!

And I recieved this from Heather for my birthday!

This is my most recent gift from Erin.... As of now, Heather and Erin are tied for tackiest gift-- the above figurine and the "SISTERS" trivet.....I'll let you know if I recieve any new gems next week! Do you have any out of the ordinary treasures? I'd love to see them!


ben and erin said...

love it!

heather and i went shopping today... so clear some room on your shelves!

Becky said...

can't wait!

Jessica said...

How fun! What awesome "treasures" (and yeah, I can see why you got rid of the peach pants lol!)

A day in the Life... said...

Fun! Those are some great gifts :-)

Heather said...

what happened to the adhesive bra?