Monday, October 12, 2009

not me! monday

Heather just informed me that my post on Monday did not post!! So, better late than never!

How pathetic is it that I don't have McMama's new pic icon for not me! Nor do I know how to get it, nor do I want to call Erin.....

Just a few things I did not do, and are not happening:

In my last post, I stated that my husband and I did not play hide -n-seek. For Jessica, yes, we played it without our kids... and he wanted to hide again after the malfunction of the chair to conceal him. I did not turn chicken and say, "I don't want to look for you in the dark. This house is too big and I'm too scared that you will scare me!"

My son is not currently walking around the house with a dirty diaper, and yelling "Mama!...... Mama!..... Mama!"

Because of this post, my applesauce did not scorch and burn because I did not forget about it boiling away like crazy! Sorry to let "Becky homecky" fans down! lol

I did not look like a complete idiot when getting ready to run errands this week. First I couldn't find my keys so I ran to the van (across the street) and was hunting for them. No luck, so I went back in the house (all the kids were in the van at this time) found my keys, locked the door, got in the van. Forgot the garbage! I pulled the van to the other side of the street, ran up to the house. The door's locked! Go down the stairs, turn off the van, unlock the door, get the trash! In the van, ready to leave...... Forgot Chris' watch! Ran up to the house. The door's locked! Go down the stairs, turn off the van unlock the door, get the watch! Now we are ready to leave with my children laughing and squealing at my stupidity, and multiple verbal actions that I am, indeed, a BLONDE!!


Heather said...

Well, since I'm sitting here at your house, you know I actually DID laugh out loud. I'm dying about the hilarious marathon stair-running. Can totally picture that happening and the girls laughing at you. Oh, to be a mouse in the corner (or on the sidewalk) to watch you!

ben and erin said...

haha! i wish i would've seen you running back and forth to the van. i'm imagining it in kind of like fast forward mode like the old b&w home movies...!

and wow! 2 posts in one month?! way to go beck!